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countertops sacramento team is dedicated to making custom-design countertops in both modern & classic styles. No matter what your interior style is and no matter what your preferences are, we can help you with achieving the perfect interior.

We specialize in the design and installation of various countertop materials, and we also offer a related service – sink installation. For more detail, read on to find out what to expect from our offers!

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countertops sacramento quartz


For many of our customers, quartz is the material of choice, and our workers are highly skilled in its processing and installation.

Quartz is perhaps some of the most practical materials available for countertops these days. This material has been developed as a more versatile and more convenient alternative to classical granite and marble.

Countertops made from quartz are pricey, but they boast a number of benefits:

  • Quartz is non-porous and thus requires no sealing.
  • Slabs of quartz are uniform and consistent, which is great if your kitchen’s style demands perfection.
  • Heat and stains are no match for quartz countertops.
  • Quartz countertops can be made in various styles and colors.

Remarkably, quartz countertops can be made to mimic granite and marble countertops. So you can get the luxury of these materials without their inconveniences and price! But, of course, if you want true elegance or luxury, then you should go for granite or marble instead.

A useful thing to know is that quartz isn’t made from solid quartz slabs obtained from mines. Rather, quartz countertops contain up to 93% quartz particles. The remaining 7% would be other minerals and resins that help these countertops achieve their properties and shape.

countertops sacramento granite


countertops sacramento opinion, granite is a good choice for those middle-class homes that want to make their kitchens look livelier and more welcoming.

Granite is quite an expensive countertop material, although its cost has gone down quite a bit recently due to the increased production volume and supplies.

Granite is a symbol of elegance in kitchens. This material has long been the preferred countertop material in American homes. With the appearance of more affordable and perhaps more practical alternatives, it somewhat lost its popularity though.

Granite is an amazing material thanks to one thing – it can breathe life even into the most modest kitchens. Add just a little granite to your space, and an otherwise mediocre kitchen might become the highlight of your home!

When it comes to more practical features, granite offers excellent resistance to heat and physical strength. Granite is also available in thousands of colors and types, so you should be able to easily adapt your new countertop to the current style of your kitchen.

Of course, granite isn’t free of downsides as well. More precisely, granite:

  • Is porous and requires sealing. Once sealed, granite becomes resistant to stains and is nearly maintenance-free.
  • Granite countertops tend to have imperfections and aren’t as uniform as quartz countertops. This may be a serious downside for some kitchen styles, but it also adds a touch of uniqueness to your countertop.
  • If you cut food directly on the countertop, granite will quickly make your knives dull.


Marble is one of the most expensive countertop materials around, so you are going to see it only in a handful of kitchens. Due to its cost, marble is usually used in moderation too – most often, in kitchen islands.

A unique feature of marble is that every marble countertop is different from all others. If you order a marble countertop, you can be sure that it will be one-of-a-kind and unique.

Marble is extremely resilient as well – it’s heatproof and waterproof. However, without proper treatment and sealing, it’s rather delicate and stains easily. But if you do select marble as your countertop material, we can help you with making sure that it stays brand-new and shiny for years to come!

countertops sacramento sinks


As a complementary service, we also offer sink installation. We perform sink installation in all of our countertop materials, though, of course, the installation difficulty varies along with costs.

You may choose a sink style and model yourself, or you may ask us to make a selection for you. No matter which route you choose, we’ll provide you with guidance along the route to let you know what you are getting and what to expect.

If you have an existing countertop, then we can “upgrade” it with a sink. Depending on your countertop material, the style and costs of the sink installation may vary.

Recycled glass

If you are looking for an eco-friendly countertop material, then we can offer recycled glass!

Recycled glass uses materials from demolished buildings and some other sources. The glass is combined with resin or other materials, which allows it to attain a solid slab shape for countertop use.

Unlike stone materials, recycled glass isn’t porous and thus is resistant to staining and water. Additionally, recycled glass doesn’t age or discolor.

Appearance-wise, recycled glass countertops are also remarkable. They typically boast a colorful mosaic of shards, though there also are uniform recycled glass countertops (used much more rarely).

Compared to marble, granite, or other rock countertops, recycled glass is less versatile and more difficult to customize. Not only that, but it’s prone to cracking and chipping. Kitchen items like pots or pans can easily damage recycled glass, which limits where this material can be used.

If you order recycled glass countertops from us, we’ll make sure that they are actually the best choice for your kitchen space. If a recycled glass countertop won’t be the best material for your kitchen or the area you want, we’ll let you know and explain why so.

If recycled glass countertops can be installed in your kitchen, then we’ll limit its use in spots where it will serve you for a long time without cracking or other damage.

Solid surface

If you want something practical and super-modern, then we recommend solid surface countertops.

Solid surface countertops are in many ways similar to quartz countertops – both are non-porous, made up of various materials, and rather durable. However, solid surface countertops can be made curvier (not achievable with quartz), so they can fit a wider range of kitchen styles.

Solid surface countertops are lighter than quartz as well, which might be a benefit for some people.

With that said, note that solid surface countertops scratch easier than quartz, so they aren’t the best if you prefer to cut food directly on your countertop. They are also less heat-resistant than quartz in theory, though in practice, this isn’t a big disadvantage.

In terms of price, our solid surface countertops are comparable with quartz ones. So if you can’t choose, then base your decision on your aesthetic needs, as well as whether you prefer to cut directly on countertops or usually use a cutting board.

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